Colin Waeghe


at Artgalerie S & H De Buck
07.08 - 30.08

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'PANIC/SLEEP' is a folding screen on which Colin Waeghe portrays two Greek myths.
On the front panels Waeghe depicts the myth of Syrinx and Pan. Syrinx was a nymph and a follower of Artemis, known for her chastity. Pursued by the amorous Greek god Pan, she ran to a river's edge and asked for assistance from the river nymphs. In answer, she was transformed into hollow water reeds that made a haunting sound when the god's frustrated breath blew across them. Pan cut the reeds to fashion the first set of pan pipes, which were thenceforth known as syrinx.
The front panels represent the daytime. On the back panels - nighttime - Colin Waeghe uses the persona of the god Morpheus as his main inspiration.