Colin Waeghe

18/02 - 21/02 2016


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From 18 February to 21 February Galerie Zwart Huis presents three upcoming Belgian artists at BAD (Belgium Art & Design): Colin Waeghe, Koen Deprez and Kim De Ruysscher.BAD is a brand-new event promoting the discovery of contemporary creativity in art and design. This unconventional trade fair will propel you into a total experience of Belgian art and design, at a venue in Ghent that is simply bursting with character.BAD brings together artists and designers and brings visitors into direct contact with artists and designers, and their works of art and designer products, in a hitherto unprecedented manner. BAD will be the number one hotspot for all art lovers and design addicts as from February 2016 or, in summary: for everyone interested in the latest trends – whether in art, interior design, fashion, food or technology.BAD is young and enthralled by excellence. This is reflected consistently in its choice of artists and designers. Nevertheless, BAD does not focus on price, but rather on the value (or added value) of the pieces it exhibits. BAD strongly believes in the power of Belgian art, design and products: they have an immeasurable influence on our mindset, personal challenges and our social and cultural life. Art and design stimulate our creative thought processes and improve our quality of life.

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