Colin Waeghe

Colin Waeghe's work is characterised by a mixture of autobiographical elements, fragments from the news and images taken from popular media. The artist paints his story via different perspectives on realities that have affected him. His works are portals of his experiences without an instruction manual at hand. The concept in his work is diverse.

Because of Waeghe's illustrative background, he often works with a small paintbrush on a large canvas. As a result, he has distinctive spatter or stain effect. This is a reflection of how he looks at the world: not as a stagnant existence, but as every-changing matter like vibrating molecules.

Colin Waeghe (°1980) lives and works in Brussels and in Leipzig (DE). He studied at Saint Lucas College (experimental workshop) in Brussels, at PoPok (stage design) in the Singel in Antwerp, and finally at the HISK (Institute of Fine Art) in Ghent.